The Obradoiro facade I: the origin of the name

Let’s look up at the Obradoiro facade, which they say looks like the work of a goldsmith because of its fine filigree patterns. Some say that is where it gets its name, which means goldsmith’s workshop.

Another less poetic but more accurate explanation is that the term obradoiro comes from the cathedral stonemasons’s workshop, which stood here on this side. This idea of the name, which is associated with the work of a craftsmen’s guild, is more plausible because there are documentary records that the Platerias doorway got its name from the silversmiths who worked in the square, and the Azabacheria doorway from the workers who made objects from jet. Moreover, these guilds made donations towards the section of the cathedral that looked onto their workshops, which made it well worth giving it their name.

Now enjoy the play of light and shade on the filigree as the sun sets – if it’s not raining, that is. Rain is so common here in Galicia that its effect has been engraved onto the granite stone.

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Text (a) Diego Laforga Marcos

Source: Own work
Author: Diego Laforga (2013)