Woman in the Bath

At long last, happiness was being expressed! By the mid-20th century, the economy had begun to recover. The damage of the Second World War was gradually wearing off, and society was living comfortable years of well-being. A new style appeared, Pop Art, which began in the United Kingdom but developed in the USA.

The founder was Richard Hamilton, who gave the movement its name. In fact he gave the name to one of his pictures, which shows a young man standing naked in a comfortable living room, holding a tennis racket on which the word "Pop" can be read.

In the US, the leading exponent of Pop Art was Andy Warhol, who produced his famous series of Coca-Cola bottles, Campbell’s soup cans, cars and other icons of American society, such as the famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Roy Lichtenstein drew his figures on squared or dotted backgrounds, in a comic-book style, using bright colours such as blue, red and white, and with beautiful flesh colours for the face, cleavage and hands.

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Photo: Roy Lichtenstein, 1985 (a). Source: Wikipedia