Woman with a Parasol in a Garden

Impressionism is a painting style that appeared in France in the late 19th century, in which more importance was given to light than to form. Small brushstrokes of colour were used which did not depict any particular shape when seen alone, but seen together they enabled the viewer to see figures or landscapes.

Renoir is one of the most highly valued Impressionist painters and he always tries to show the most beautiful and joyous side of life. He produced great pictures on the everyday themes of his time: public dances, a woman on a swing, young men in a boat. In his second period, he abandoned the impressionist technique and returned to Classicism, following a trip to Italy. His female figures are not unlike those of Rubens.

In this work, he shows us a delightful springtime landscape in which people are merely a minor reference. The entire painting is composed of brushstrokes of colour. If you move away from the picture you can see the whole thing much better, particularly the beautiful lush vegetation.

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