Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela





Independently produced by, the audio guide for the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela offers you a wide-ranging, light-hearted and educational tour of one of the most visited monuments in Spain. There are 90 minutes of commentary, illustrated with over 62 high-quality images, so you won’t miss a single detail during your visit.

Whether you are a pilgrim or a visitor, we will guide you on a journey through more than one thousand years of art and history,

helping you to discover the secrets of one of the greatest churches in Christendom. With the MUSMon app, you can enjoy almost three hours of a completely different visitor experience. Locate the work you want to hear about quickly and easily with our gallery of detailed images. Choose from several suggested itineraries and plan your visit to suit your own artistic preferences or available time.

The app contains interactive maps to help you find your way around the monuments. There is a transcription option for those with hearing difficulties, and useful information on the complex, such as opening times, access, the official webpage, and so on.

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Audioguide contents

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